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Frequently Asked Questions

The anatomy of a cake.


Layers- The horizontal slices the cake is cut into.
Filling- What sandwiches the layers together. Buttercream or ganache.
Frosting- The outer covering of a cake. Buttercream, ganache or fondant.
Tiers- Cakes of different sizes, stacked on top of each other.Toppers- Fondant figures or flowers on or beside a cake.

What is buttercream?


In its very elemental form, a simple combination of just two ingredients- butter and icing sugar. With a wave of the whisk, buttercream can be transformed into myriad magical variations. Your cake can be filled and frosted with buttercream. See the Flavours page for more details.

What is ganache?

A silken, sinful emulsion of chocolate and cream. Ganache can range from the darkest of dark chocolates to a milk or a white. Add a shot of Kahlua or Framboise, and you'll float up to cloud 9! Your cake can be filled and frosted with ganache, or filled with buttercream and frosted with ganache. See the Flavours page for more options.

What is fondant?


Fondant is a smooth and stretchy sugar paste. It provides a flawless finish to cakes and makes great edible accents. Is it sweet? Yes, it is. But paired with dark chocolate ganache our fondant covered cakes are yummy. All our fondant covered cakes come with dark chocolate ganache.

How much cake should I order?


That depends on many factors. The number of kids and adults at your party, their age, the time of day. Other desserts on the menu, and so on. The serving guide shows you the number of pieces you can cut a cake into. A 6" square cake cuts into 18 pieces, whereas a 6" round serves only 12. An 8" square cake serves 32 people, whereas an 8" round serves 24.

How much are your cakes?


Our custom-made cakes are priced individually based on the complexity of the design and the details. Our one-of-a-kind cakes begin at $120. This base price does not include the cost of the toppers. The final price varies from client-to-client depending on the complexity of the design. See the table above for an indication of what you'd expect to pay as the base price.

How far in advance do I need to order?

A customised cake with hand crafted toppers takes time to make. We hate to disappoint anyone, so call early, as our weekends tend to get booked two months in advance.

How do I pay for the cake?

We charge 50% as an advance to block your date. The balance payment can be done via DBS Paylah or bank transfer two days before the due date.

Do you customise cakes?


Yes we do. Each cake is unique. The more details you provide us with, the more likely you are to have a one-of-a-kind, memorable creation.

Do you deliver cakes?

No, we don't deliver. But we can recommend an external courier, reasonably priced and extremely reliable.

Do you offer cakes that are suitable for those with special dietary requirements?


Yes, we do. We make a wide range of egg free, dairy free, gluten-free and nut free cakes upon request. We also offer a growing selection of refined sugar free cakes.

How will you handle my personal data?

We collect your contact information, for the sole purpose of contacting you about your order and (if you allow us to) keep you updated about our latest happenings via an email. Your information will be kept private.


All baked goods are best stored in the fridge and eaten within three days, unless otherwise stated on the packaging. We are not responsible for adverse results of inappropriate or extensive storage of cakes.